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Following our E Safety Workshop on Friday 28th February, please find here some resources providing information and advice that will be helpful in ensuring the online safety of your daughter.

Please register your vote for the pupil that you believe best suits the role of Head Girl

This is your opportunity for you to vote for the pupil that you believe will best most suitable for the role of Head Girl.

This course contains all the information to take you through the application process. Please ready carefully before applying.

All applicants should discuss their decision to apply with their parents / carers before they apply. It is a very competitive process and there are only 50 prefects. Last year 135 applied. The final decision of who will be made prefect is made via election with staff and students voting. Staff and particularly teacher votes carry a heavier weighting than student votes.

Please select TWO candidates that you think are the most suitable pupils to represent your year group on the student council.

Staff Assistants play a crucial role in the school supporting teachers and taking responsibility for classroom displays, resources, projects, events and in general being godsends. They also recieve unique praise and rewards from the staff involved.