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All you need to do know about Algebra to gain a grade C at GCSE.


Your GCSE is in your hands now. This course contains material that can help you achieve your C-Grade but only if you use it every day, and use it sensibly.

Follow the instructions below and it you might find out in August that you got that C.

Spend short burst (15 – 25 minutes) at a time on your revision. Short focused bursts are better than 6 hours of slog!

If you get stuck? Try

Want some practice? Go to to have loads of revision questions.

Then try past GCSE questions on that topic (GCSE Topic Questions)

The Acid Test will be doing the Past Papers. Start with the Foundation Papers then go onto the Intermediate papers (don’t forget that there are B grade topics in there that you should not do).Try to do all the papers before the exam.

Don’t forget you can come in and see your teacher.

Good luck.

Find a selection of useful websites to assist you. Don't forget to use MyMaths, eMaths, Super Maths World and BBC bitesize websites as other valuable resources.